Career Management Consultants & Training proudly executed several projects in the UAE represented in the following fields:
In the Field of Innovation and Future Foresight:
  • Developing and implementing future foresight plans for a number of entities in a number of specialized fields 2017-2030
  • Carrying out future foresight studies in many specialized fields
  • Measuring the readiness and maturity of the institution in the field of future foresight
  • Supporting entities through an media monitoring team and trend watching teams
  • Developing and applying on the future foresight tools and developing specialized tools according to the core business of entities
  • Preparing and developing corporate innovative strategies based on best practices
  • Providing training on corporate innovative tools
  • Measuring the readiness and maturity of innovation according to the methodologies of global centers in the field
  • Developing the corporate knowledge general framework
  • Developing the general framework of intellectual property and measuring the maturity of intangible assets in the institution
  • Developing and supervising innovation labs
The Field of Institutional Excellence:
  • Helping deepen the concepts of excellence according to the requirements of the 4th generation excellence model
  • Carrying out leading position gap analysis according to the most prominent global reports issued by accredited bodies such as the World Economic Forum                            (WEF) and the  World Bank
  • Implementing benchmarks with leading countries in coordination with local / federal entities and coming up with reports that include global best practices.
  • Supervising the development / implementation / management of internal awards for a number of entities at the UAE level
  • Developing criteria for specialized awards in many fields
  • Supervising the implementation of a comprehensive assessment for all entities at the level of RAK government entities for 3 consecutive cycles
  • Supervising the implementation of comprehensive projects within the criteria of the European model of excellence (EFQM)
  • Assessing the entities through subject matter experts from all over the world in many specialized fields
Performance Management and Strategic Planning:
  • Offering support in the preparation of strategic plans for a number of government entities
  • Performance management frameworks (Comprehensive integration of all types of KPIs)
  • Carrying out a package of supporting benchmarks to prepare strategic plans
Governance and Risk Management:
  • Developing a risk register for most organizational units in several government entities
  • Developing a corporate governance general framework
  • Measuring the maturity level of dealing with institutional risks
  • Measuring the maturity level by applying corporate governance
Excellence in Customer Service:
  • Offering support within the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Programme for Smart Government (Dubai Model Program)
  • Supporting in the Global Star Rating Programme (7 Stars)
  • Planning and developing customer’s journey through most services in some entities
  • Developing the protocol of the service centers / call centers
Operations Management and Development:
  • Developing the operations general framework
  • BPR (Business Process Reengineering)
  • Training on projects specialized in (Kaizen, Six Sigma, Zero Defect)
Comprehensive Development Projects:
  • Offering support in obtaining a number of ISO Certificates (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 26000)
  • Implementing of productivity projects / studying the workload of a number of entities
Providing Specialized Training Courses Accredited By International Centers:
  • Future Foresight
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Corporate Governance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • 3D Printing
  • Block-chain